Alliance for Natural Health Integrative Community Member

Nutrition Counseling & Education 


  • Family nutrition
  • Healing diets for special needs
  • Nutrition to support the endocrine system
  • Elimination and challenge diets to uncover food intolerances or sensitivities

Specializing in:

Helping instill confidence in your selection of foods that work for your body make-up

Identifying & Correcting Imbalances

Teaching you to make healthful, practical and sustainable  dietary adjustments

Whole Food   Nutrition 101

Tracey Schuyler

Providing you with evidence-based nutrition counseling and strategies for practical dietary modifications—empowering you to improve your health and vitality.

Redefining Food 4 Health
  • Diet and mental health
  • Weight management
  • Immune support
  • Nutrition for the athlete